Dutch Man Builds Half Scale Replica of Noah’s Ark

guest post by Chicken John

Noah’s Ark no longer a myth…

Johan Huibers and His Ark

In 2005 a Dutch contractor made a replica of Noah’s Ark, built to half scale. The creationist fanatic built a roadside attraction 8,000 miles from Route 66… and it’s kinda epic…. biblical even…

This thing is the size of a football field but I can’t tell if it’s a boat or if’s built on a dock. It probably doesn’t actually float.

Noah's Ark

The builder, Johan Huibers, believes in the LITERAL TRUTH of the bible. I’m glad someone believes in something. I’m having a hard time believing someone built a friggin’ ark!

I want to let visitors visualize what the Ark looked like to bring the account closer to those who believe but also to those who don’t. Noah’s story speaks to them mostly because of the animals on board.

There are many realistic polyester animals! Children can view various films, visit the Bible story displays and follow the footprints of the elephant while searching for the answers on the questionaire.

I think Mission Hipsters should take it over, call it the Elitist Ark. Cool animals only.

Is it starting to rain? Uh oh….

For more on the project see: http://www.arkvannoach.com

images via arkvannoach.com