An Adorable Dumpster Fire Night Light

Dumpster Fire Night Light and Dark

Pop culture toy and collectibles company Entertainment Earth (previously) has created a wonderfully comforting night light in the form of an adorable dumpster fire. This sweetly smiling, flaming garbage can is not only a perfect analogy for 2020, but a little glowing friend who watches over you.

Nothing will comfort your garbage life like a soothing, flickering Dumpster Fire night light! Features: LED light with flickering flame! Touch activated: Just tap to turn on! 1-hour auto shut-off to elongate battery life.

The Dumpster Fire Night Light is available for pre-order with a delivery date in January 2021.

Dumpster Fire Nightlight Room

Dumpster Fire Night Light

via The Inventory

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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