DUFL, A New Luxury Service That Ships, Stores, and Cleans Luggage to Make Travel Easier

DUFL is a new luxury service that ships, stores, and cleans luggage to make travel easier. Travelers can download the DUFL iOS app to arrange a special DUFL suitcase to be dropped off at their home. The users then pack the suitcase with the clothing they wear while traveling and then arrange a pickup. After DUFL picks up the suitcase, it stores the clothes until the traveler’s next trip.

Travelers can then schedule to have the suitcase delivered to a hotel in their destination city, eliminating the need to pack a bag each trip. After checkout, then bag is picked up from the hotel and stored until the next trip. Between trips, DUFL professionally cleans the clothes so they’re ready the next time they are needed.

DUFL App 4 DUFL App 3

DUFL App 2 DUFL App 1

images via DUFL

via TechCrunch

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