Pet Duck Born With Deformed Leg Gets an Amazing Safety Orange 3D Printed Replacement Prosthetic Leg

In a heartwarming clip from the NatGeo Wild series The Wizard of Paws, an adorable duck named Waddles, who lives with guitarist Ben Weinman of Suicidal Tendencies, received a safety orange 3D printed replacement prosthetic for his missing left leg.

Waddles was born with a deformed leg and had trouble keeping up with the rest of the flock. Seeing that Waddles needed help, Weinman adopted the disabled duck and turned to Derrick Campana, a Certified Pet Prostheticist at Bionic Pets. Campana happily fitted Waddles with his new leg and footage captured the first time Waddles walked on two feet.

A Duck name Waddles has a mangled left leg and his owner wants to better his quality of life by giving him a prosthetic leg.

Waddles the Duck Walking
Duck Prosthetic Leg
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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