Dopplr, Tracking Your Fellow Travellers’ Trips


Another new social network I’ve been playing around with lately is the Helsinki based service Dopplr (named after Christian Doppler of the Doppler effect), which helps you keep track of where your friends are traveling to, as well as determining when they might be in the same city as you are. This service is especially useful if you do a lot of traveling. Web geeks I know who bounce around conferences really dig it, since it’s always good to know who else is going to be at the same out-of-town event.

Dopplr is an online service for frequent travellers. It was created by an international team of world travellers as a tool for our own use. We liked it so much that we decided to open it up to our global friends.

Social networks like Dopplr, as well as Plazes, Twitter, Jaiku, etc. are all services that can be used for what I like to call “permission based stalking”. You have full control over what time, date and location information you provide, as well as who has access to that information.

For more about Dopplr, check out their FAQ and their blog for the latest news.

Here’s my Dopplr account. Currently this service is in private, invite-only beta mode, but I have a few invites if you are interested, just send me your name and email address and I’ll hook you up (why supplies last).

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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