Photo Series Featuring Adoptable Dogs Shaking Non-Toxic Paint From Their Fur Creating Unique Works of Art

Canismo 1

“Canismo” is a wonderful art project in which adoptable dogs shake non-toxic paint onto canvases to create unique works of art. The project is an effort to bring awareness to the adoptable animals of Procure1Amigo, an animal rescue organization in São Paulo, Brazil.

Canismo is an artistic movement created by a group of dogs that aims to help with the support and adoption of sheltered animals. The shake of the paint reveals a remarkable exercise of freedom, where each drop of ink bears the stain of prejudice. The combination of different colours in the paintings shows the mixture of breeds, as random and as beautiful as each mongrel dog. …The first phase of the movement Canismo resulted in the creation of 18 unique paintings. Each artist adopted their own combination of colours and used an edible ink exclusively developed for the movement made of corn starch and food colouring.

The paintings are scheduled to be shown at Perestroika São Paulo on May 9, 2015, where they will be available to purchase during the exhibition.

Canismo 5

Canismo 4

Canismo 2

Canismo 7

Canismo 3

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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