Stray Dog With Injured Paw Enters Brazilian Veterinary Clinic By Himself to Seek Medical Assistance

A stray dog with an injured foot wandered into the street level veterinary clinic Clinica Vet VIP in Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil seeking assistance. The dog reached the doorway and then slowly made his way inside. Veterinarian Dr. Dayse Ferreira da Silva met the dog at the door and immediately led him into the back for tests.

(translated) Wounded dog enters veterinary clinic alone and receives treatment at Juazeiro do Norte in the interior of Ceará.

The dog was diagnosed with a tumor on his paw.

(translated) He presented me with a paw with a nail embedded in the cushion, causing a lot of pain, which after being cut and medicated, no longer feels pain. After clinical evaluation, tvt (transmissible venereal tumor) was verified, unfortunately very common in street animals, treatable through chemotherapy. It is a tick infestation, for which it has already been medicated.

Dr. Ferreira da Silva is raising funds to pay for surgery so that the tumor can be removed to give the dog back full use of his paw. As of this date, she has raised more than twice the amount necessary.

(translated) To several requests from lovers of the animal cause, then Dr. Dayse Ferreira (veterinarian), decided to create this website to raise funds for the entire procedure, such as medication and hospitalization, and will cost around R $ 4,000.00.