Lively Border Collie Repeatedly Tries to Play Frisbee With a Seated Statue of Abraham Lincoln

An adorably insistent border collie named Nova saw a gentleman perched upon a park bench at Scheels in The Colony, Texas, and decided to approach him to see if he would play frisbee with her. She tried several times to engage the man but to no avail. Sadly for Nova, the gentleman was actually a very realistic sculpture of President Abraham Lincoln.

Nova is my 1-year-old border collie. She loves nothing more than playing frisbee and chooses victims of any shape or size to play with her. Even this statue of good ole Abraham Lincoln. She is excellent at being noticed, but Abe kept his stone-cold gaze and continued to ignore her.

Not to worry Nova, you’re not alone. A very similar thing happened to a springer spaniel named Chester who wanted to play fetch with a wooden statue out in the woods