Little Dog Sings Show Tunes With His Human

A little chihuahua named Casper enjoys belting out show tunes with his beloved human, singer Pam Quinn.

This dog is obsessed with singing, he loves everything from Disney to Broadway. Now he likes to steal the spotlight, interrupting self-tapes, singing during movies like The Sound of Music or Greatest Showman.

Quinn explains that when Casper came to her, he didn’t have a voice, although he did try.

Casper actually didn’t have a voice as a puppy we would hear him attempt to make sounds, but they came out raspy and squeaky. It started kind of as a party trick, we would howl he would howl back, and one day I was just playing guitar and singing songs, and he decided to sing along.

Now Casper is obsessed with singing and will happily interrupt Quinn if he feels he’s not getting enough of the spotlight.

m a big musical theater person I grew up around the Broadway scene. I was actually trying to put together a self tape for an audition and so was Casper… He had to steal the spotlight. He always does. 

The pair appeared on America’s Got Talent in 2021.

Pam and her adorable dog Casper are taking the world by storm! Pam and Casper delight the judges with “All by Myself” by Celine Dion.