A Remarkably Intelligent Dog Deftly Opens Four Different Doors to Escape From an Animal Hospital

On April 10th, 2017 at about 4:00 AM, an incredibly intelligent Great Pyrenees named General decided that he didn’t want to be cooped up for another day at the Aquia-Garrison Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia, where he had been boarded while his family was on vacation. With this singular mission in mind, General very deftly opened four different doors with his mouth and nose before making his way to freedom. An alert went out as soon as his absence was discovered and security cameras caught the entire escape in action.

Last night at 4 am, one of our boarders opened his run door, and managed to open the back door to the clinic to escape. Stafford County animal control and sheriff deputies as well as staff members are looking for him.

Luckily, General showed up in a neighbor’s yard approximately 15 hours later. General’s human Travis Campbell told ABC7 that his dog is “a little Houdini” who “when it comes to doors, he can get a lot of doors open”