Tiny Octopus Becomes Friends With Gift-Giving Diver

Elora Explora became friends with a tiny octopus whom she met while diving at the Off The Wall Dive Center and Resort in Belize. The little cephalopod, whom she named Egbert was very welcoming to her, greeting her with an outstretched when they first met and every meeting thereafter. Sometimes Elora brought food, and other items as a gesture of friendship and to see how Egbert reacted.

Tiny octopus swims up to this woman to gives her little handshakes — then waits for her every day to bring him gifts.

The two were the closest of friends for a long while until Elora moved to Bonaire where she opened her own diving business.

Started my own super FUN Watersport company

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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