French Designer Makes Friends With an Affectionate Octopus While Diving Near Naxos Island, Greece

Affectionate Octopus

While diving in the waters of Naxos Island, Greece during December 2016, French graphic designer Kevin Filoni became friends with a tiny, affectionate octopus who adorably cuddled up onto his arm, completely engulfing his hand. The affable cephalopod remained in place for several minutes while accepting lots of tickles and head rubs from Filoni. Once satisfied, the little octopus swam away into the crystal blue waters, leaving a very appreciative human behind.

Today I share with you an incredible encounter with a cute octopus and all cuddle in Greece. Unfortunately the camera is cut when I slowly move my arm and the octopus settles on itself. We stayed swimming and diving together for about 15 minutes before I got it off my arm. Another beautiful moment, an unforgettable encounter, in confidence, in harmony.