An Amusing Animation Illustrating a Comedian’s Disquieting Experience While Flying Spirit Airlines

In a really amusing animation illustrated by Karli Melder and hojtastic, the rather forthright comedian Brent Pella shared a somewhat odd and disquieting experience he had while flying on Spirit Airlines. Before takeoff, Janice the flight attendant announced that they were concerned about weight distribution and asked passengers to move to the back. Pella complied, but was the only one to do so. When he expressed his concern to Janice, her response did not fill Pella with confidence.

So nobody moves and a few minutes later I see Janice start to waddle her way toward the back of the plane…she sits down next to me and she looks over and says hey thank you so much for moving and I was like yeah no problem. Is everything okay? And she goes we’ll see yeah we’ll see. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to say that on the plan Janice. Okay feel I like that should be their new motto, right? Spirit Airlines fly with us,we’ll see

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