Disabled Dachshund Is Given the Royal Treatment, A New Wheelchair and a New Home on His Best Day

A beautiful dachshund named Tazo, who was surrendered to the Animal Haven shelter in New York City after his humans couldn’t keep up with the medical bills from his back injury, was given the royal treatment through the wonderful BarkBox program “Dog’s Best Day“. BarkBox teamed up with Natural Balance Dog Food to provide Tazo with all sorts of delicious food and treats. Tazo also received hydrotherapy treatment from Water4Dogs, a yummy meal from Shake Shack, and a brand new set of wheels from Turbo Roo and The 3D Printing Store, delivered by TurboRoo himself with the help of Southwest Airlines and The Ace Hotel. The best part of Tazo’s best day, however, was getting a brand new forever home.

When Tazo suffered a traumatic back injury, his former owners weren’t able to treat it, which eventually left him paralyzed. He was surrendered to NYC shelter, Animal Haven, who realized this quirky character just needed to find the right home. Moved by Tazo’s story, we teamed up with the pup lovers at Natural Balance to give Tazo the best day of his life! Including every shelter pup’s dream – a new home!

Tazo Walking

image via BarkPost

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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