Designer Enlists Local Artists to Create Unique Portraits of His Reclusive Friend in ‘The John Show’

In “The John Show“, filmmaker Julie Sokolow tells the beautiful story of how graphic designer Brett Yasko enlisted the help of local artists to create their own interpretive portrait of his friend John Riegart. This project was a lovingly arranged by Yasko to help re-engage his friend who had retreated from his own art and the world at large after a suicide attempt.

Graphic designer Brett Yasko wanted to save his friend John’s life, so he asked every artist in their town to make a portrait of John. The result is the 2016 art show “John Riegert” – a funhouse containing 250 portraits on the titular subject, with John himself acting as tour guide. This heartfelt story chronicles the making of a singular exhibit and the mental health struggles and personal triumphs of its subject.

Here are photos from the 2016 “John Show“.