Delightful Illustrations of Anthropomorphic Animals Wearing Clothes

Because of his tiny stature, this pygmy marmoset learned from an early age that all of his pants would need hemming. He became so good at tailoring, in fact, he now runs the most exclusive alteration business in town. He gives discounts to most executive birds of prey to keep himself on their good side.

Meet “The Wonder Kittens”!
These two dazzle the elementary school circuit with their electric Double Dutch jump-rope routine. The kids go crazy for their “Star Wars/My Little Pony” mash-up double flips.

After earning every traditionally available merit badge, this Scout Bear decided to start making her own. As a result, she may be the only scout in the world with a badge for “Cape Making” and the specialty category of “Robot Dancing”.

Well Dressed Animals is a delightful series of illustrations of anthropomorphic animals dressed in people clothing from the husband and wife team at Berkley Illustration. Prints and other products featuring their dressed-up animals are available at their Etsy shop, Berkley Illustration.

Ryan Berkley creates comic book inspired art and prints for your walls or family photo albums using mainly markers and colored pencils. Perhaps best known for his “Animals in Suits” series, Ryan likes to tackle surreal subject matter in a very friendly way.

He and his wife Lucy run Berkley Illustration together from Portland, Oregon. Sometimes they have debates like, “Is an otter really going pull off pinstripes?” and then they’re all like, “Whoa. We have a cool job.”

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images via Berkley Illustration

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff