A Beautifully Designed Decanter That Gracefully Bows To Pour When a Glass Is Detected Underneath

Pours Decanter Bows Harvey and John

British designers Keivor John and Richard Harvey of Harvey & John collaborated with Last Drop Distillers to create Pours, a beautifully designed decanter that detects a glass underneath, sends liquid up the stem, which then bows to perfectly pour the chosen spirit within.

a playful exploration of the traditional decanter. Pours is an innovative social tool and table centrepiece. The product extends the tasting experience with its slow, graceful bowing motion, offering a moment of reflection and stillness before pouring a perfect serving. Its captivating movement brings guests together over novel conversation and humour.

Pours Pouring

Pours Decanter

Pours From Side

Pours From Afar

Pours Whisky

Here’s a timelapse of the initial sketch for Pours by Keivor John.

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