Debate Sensation Ken Bone Waxes Poetic About the Election Process in an Izod Red Sweater Ad

During the second 2016 Presidential town hall debate, a bespectacled man in a red sweater named Ken Bone asked the candidates a very balanced question about energy policies. From that moment on, the inquisitor became a household name, the subject of memes and election reporter for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. In a new ad for Izod, a red-sweatered Bone waxed poetic about the election process, stressing that he’s just a guy with a positive message.

We can’t pretend that the negative stuff doesn’t affect us because it does. We’re going to learn how you affect change for the positive even when something bad happens. I’m pretty high on the wave of the political process right now. It’s a fantastic thing …Telling everybody at home to get out and vote get out and make your voice heard. It’s all about being part of the political process. I’m not a politician. I’m just a guy with a positive message.