Death Star Dress With TIE Interceptor Hair Accessory



Over on the Star Wars blog Bonnie Burton posted a really great interview with Jennifer Landa who made an awesome Death Star Dress with a TIE Interceptor hair accessory that she debuted as this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Why did you decide to make a cute dress of the Death Star?

For months I couldn’t decide what I wanted to cosplay as! I just knew I wanted to do a quirky take on someone or something from the Star Wars universe. I had seen a Death Star costume before and loved the idea of cosplaying as a thing instead of a person. I love personifying objects! So when I saw Robin E. Kaplan’s adorable print of a girl dressed as a Death Star, I freaked out. Her Death Star character was so cute and feminine and anything but a scary super weapon! After that, I knew I had to go as Miss Death Star.

Robin E. Kaplan Print

This is the Robin E. Kaplan print that inspired the dress.

photos by Bonnie Burton