Why Rulers Turn to Family Members Rather Than Key Supporters To Keep Their Power Viable

In “Death and Dynasties”, a follow up to “Rule for Rulers”, the very insightful CGP Grey takes a look at how and why rulers turn to family members, rather than onto key supporters, in order to keep their political power viable.

Families pass power, or vie with other families for a turn at the top, much more than chance would have. Dynasties seem so natural, you may have never deeply considered them, Even if you follow The Rules for Rulers we have discussed: …swaying the keys to power, securing the treasure, and controlling the court: no man rules forever. Dictators with resources abundant and power unchallenged still die. …There is a way to defend your power in this world from rumors of your departure to the next. Family. Family is the answer. As your term limit or deathbed approach, your family is there ready to keep turning the machinery of power: ….keep raising the treasure, keep the keys calm and plot-free.

Here’s the first part of the series: The Rules for Rulers