Dear Leader Mints, Bullet-Shaped Candy Inspired by Kim Jong Il

Dear Leader Mints

Kim Jong Il wants you to have fresh breath

Inspired by a quote by the former “dear” leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Il, the masterminds at Archie McPhee have mixed “the insanity of North Korean propaganda, bullets and candy together in one big jumble of crazy” in their new product, Dear Leader Mints. Tins of the mints are available to purchase online.

Dear Leader famously said, “One can live without candy, but one cannot live without bullets.” That inspired us to make fun of him by making bullet-shaped candy in a decorated tin. The image on the tin was stolen by spies directly from the wall of the North Korean Presidential Palace where all official portraits display government official’s faces on centaur bodies. Mint flavoring helps propaganda go down a bit easier.


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff