How Deadpool Has All the Narratives of a Lighthearted Rom-Com Specifically Made For Men

With the release of Deadpool 2 upon us, Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of Screenprism took a look at the first film of the series Deadpool. In doing so, they make a number of astute observations about the film and the romantic element embedded within, deeming it to be, in its truest form a rom-com pitched to men . One issue about the physical attractiveness of the characters is an example of a hallmark romantic comedy narrative.

The Ugly Duckling plot. This is generally where an unattractive girl might be a nerd or wear glasses gets remade as a swan and her beauty is finally recognized by her true love. Deadpool gender swaps this narrative so it’s the guy for once who’s upset about his appearance …the story is also reversed because Deadpool starts out as a pretty boy then loses his looks and he doesn’t know whether his love can withstand that. Instead of seeking out Vanessa Deadpool spends a long time trying to get his face fixed.