Deadpool Easter Eggs, Secret Cameos and Hidden References

Mr Sunday Movies takes a look at all the easter eggs, secret cameos and hidden references in the new Deadpool movie.

Watch all the Deadpool Easter Eggs, References, Cameos, Nods and and so on for the 2016 hit! We’re talking the appearances from the X-Men Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead plus references to Wolverine, Professor X, Cyclops and Jean Grey. Plus hints at characters you might not expect to see including multiple nods to Spider-man, Hydra Bob and Worm.

Deadpool also breaks the fourth wall multiple times, acknowledging that he’s aware that he’s in a comic book movie by mentioning the actor who plays him, Hugh Jack (again and again) and popular Superhero movie tropes including the superhero landing, a twist on the origin story and even referencing actors such as James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart who have both played the role of Professor X.

There’s even hints towards the future of the franchise with the inclusion of a Cable mention in the post credits scene, giving us confirmation that he’ll show up in the sequel and that perhaps we’ll even see them turn up together in a X-Force Movie.