Dave Grohl Talks to Howard Stern About the Challenges of Working With Kurt Cobain In the Last Days of Nirvana

Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters and formerly of Nirvana, sat down with radio host Howard Stern to talk about his remarkable career of being in not one, but two successful rock bands. In doing so, Stern asked what it was like working with the late Kurt Cobain. Grohl shared that he was happy to stay quiet and play his role as a drummer as faithfully as he could. Grohl acknowledged that however much he misses his friend, had things turned out differently, the members of the band were going to have to take a break from one another.

I think at that point it had sort of split off and it just got really weird …I think at that point it was important that we’d take a break. I think everybody felt that way it was like time to take a break.