Dark Room Theater Bene-Fett: Night of a Thousand Stars…Wars


BIG NEWS from The Dark Room Theater: in December they will present a live stage version of the film Star Wars. This production is being mounted with the permission of Lucasfilm. Fully sanctioned by the creators of Star Wars, they now only have the intimidating task of surviving the impending critiques of all those fanboys (and wait til theforce.net finds out!).

To help them put on this play (and weather what has been a couple slow months at the theater), this Friday and Saturday The Dark Room presents two special shows to raise funds and help them continue their mission of bringing great comedy and theater to San Francisco’s Mission District. Tickets are available from BrownPaperTickets in advance or at the door

An all-star lineup of local talent will be onstage to make each show well worth your cash, including amongst others: sensational sketch comedy from Uphill Both Ways and Kasper Hauser, incredible improv from Gerri Lawlor & Rafe Chase, stellar spoken word by Sherilyn Connelly, and the epic erudition of the one and only Hal Robins of Ask Dr. Hal fame.

Here’s a bit more from the theater’s website:

Dark Room Productions presents The Night of a Thousand Stars…Wars, a two-night cabaret show benefiting our FULLY SANCTIONED intepretation of George Lucas’ Star Wars (coming December 2008). Kids love the Dark Room, and kids loooove rascally bounty hunter Boba Fett, so we thought, what the heck, let’s call our big show a Bene-Fett!!!! In fact you might kind of say we’re the Boba Fett of Mission street theaters. Not that we have a jet pack or anything, but we can round up the best sketch comedy, yodeling, improv, spoken word, and baked goods that the galaxy (more specifically, SF) has to offer.

Also both nights you’ll get to see short films by Lev from his “Tales of Mere Existence” series, like “A Typical Conversation With My Mom”.


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