Danny DeVito Is Taken on a Fully Immersive Animated Tour of Discord by the Users of the Platform

In “Discord – The Movie”, actor Danny DeVito arrives at a studio to do a promo for Discord (previously), a group chat service about which he knows nothing. Luckily, he’s greeted by an in-studio assistant (played by Awkwafina), who explains what it is and what it offers. When he still doesn’t get it, she turns to users to pull them in for a fully immersive, brilliantly animated tour to help him “imagine a place”.

Discord talks about how the movie came about using input from the Discord community, who voted for DeVito to be the best representative of the platform.

You voted on Danny DeVito as the best representative for Discord, and now he’s recently made his Discord debut. You helped dictate the new look and feel of our platform, from fonts and colors to details as specific as “how many eggs is too many eggs?” And your own words helped inspire the Imagine a Place project.

Discord the Movie Danny DeVito

As DeVito walks around this imaginative area and meets different users in various forms, he begins to understand.

We made a movie. ..It’s about what Discord means to us, to you, and to people everywhere. Whether you’re here to hang, chat, talk, study, or love eggs, all you have to do is imagine a place on Discord

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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