An Adorable Dachshund in a Pink Bow Tie Balances 17 Tea Bags on His Little Head

Harlso the Balancing Hound, the absolutely adorable dachshund who lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and enjoys balancing a great many things, wore a big pink bow tie while his human placed an amazing 17 tea bags on his little head, one by one. Harlso balanced the bags perfectly and even made a little joke.

You have to admit, my puns are quali-tea!

Harlso, who is always a good egg, also balanced a brown one atop his handsome head.

Harlso also balanced a toy yellow submarine in front of a dachshund mural with the song “Yellow Submarine” playing as the soundtrack.

I  was going to make a Beatles pun, but I’ll just Let It Be’ ~ Harlso