Cute and Playful Sticky Page Markers That Turn Books Into Miniature Scenes and Landscapes


British designer Duncan Shotton has created a collection of cute and playful Sticky Page Markers that you can use to mark pages in a book and create miniature scenes and landscapes. The marked pages can come together to look like a group of aliens lurking on a desolate planet in space, Godzilla trampling throughout Tokyo, and more. Each of the ten Sticky Page Markers sets are available to purchase online.

When we find something that’s important, inspiring, or just worth noting, it’s useful to flag the page for quick reference later.

The concept design for these little bookmarks came from thinking about what they could become not just as charming things on their own, but as a group.

Use these paper post-its to bookmark pages containing important or lovely quotes, photos and sections of books, catalogs and documents, and create a micro landscape as you go!







images via Duncan Shotton Design Studio

Justin Page
Justin Page

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