Custom Electric Guitars Shaped Like Spaceships From ‘Star Wars’

Star Wars Guitars

UK-based Tom Bingham, a 64-year-old retired printer, created an impressive collection of custom made electric guitars in the shape of various spaceships from Star Wars (Y-wing Starfighter, Millennium Falcon and B-wing fighter). According to The Sun, Tom spends approximately three months building his guitars and uses items that he buys from car boot sales.

“I saw a picture of a Millennium Falcon on the internet years ago and did my own version. I used a replica and attached a neck to it. With the Falcon I even put flashing LED lights in the back. It lights up blue in the dark, it gives it a hyperdrive look. The kids love it. The important thing is you have to make the body very rigid. I had to take the Millennium Falcon kits apart to their 140 odd pieces and rebuild it so it supports the neck I attached it to. It isn’t easy and took hours painstakingly building it every day.”

Here is a great video from showing Tom’s Millenium Falcom guitar (plus many others) in action.

Star Wars Guitars

photos by Adam Gerrard / News Team International

via The Sun, A different type of Art