CryptoZoo, A Game About Inventing the Culture of Physical Activity Comes To San Francisco


First off, “CryptoZoo” is an awesome name for anything (with the possible exception of an accountant). Second, it is an interesting idea that helps invent “the future of physical activity, about making play and gaming a bigger part of how we take care of ourselves.” In other words, it is an effort to get you off your butt and play.

CryptoZoo was created by game designer and researcher Jane McGonigal for the American Heart Association in collaboration with The Institute for the Future. They are bringing the game to San Francisco June 5th (a night-time romp) and June 7th (a day adventure).

First, you’ll follow mysterious tracks through the city on 1-mile chase through city streets and gardens. You can chase alone, with friends, or join a team when you arrive. (If you’re doing a night chase, bring a flashlight.) Be prepared to duck under rails, swing around poles, leap up steps, run along low ledges, and slalom through urban obstacles.

Ninja Rabbits

Thanks to Laura Gluhanich for the tip!