Creepy 3D Renderings of Pop Culture Characters

Yan Blanco, a freelance 3D artist in São Paulo, Brazil has quite cleverly transformed adorable pop culture icons into creepy, exhausted looking creatures who’ve seen the harder side of life.

Peppa Pig has grown a double chin and a perpetual cigarette in her mouth, a mangy Bugs Bunny has yellow teeth, a floppy ear and a 10,000 yard stare, Santa Claus just looks tired and angry at the world, an unshaven Rick Sanchez is in the midst of a mugshot, and a demonic Teletubby sports a giant cross atop its head with a vicious smile on its lips.

In an interview with 3DTotal, Blanco stated that although he’s been interested in 3D art for a long time, he began creating all sorts of characters when he discovered the software toolkit Blender in 2014.

I’ve been an illustrator since I was a child, and until adolescence I wanted to work with digital illustration, but in 2014 at the College of Graphic Design I met Blender, and that changed my artistic life completely. Since then I’ve studied 3D on my own through the internet, with tutorials, articles, websites, and everything I could find online. After some time doing personal projects and studying, some work began to appear, and in 2018 I received Techno Image’s proposal to move to São Paulo and work with them.

via DeMilked

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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