Creative Dad Teaches His 10-Year Old Daughter How to Design and Cast a Pewter Ring for Herself

Ivan Owens, a designer of “oddities overtly orchestrated for ocular observation” in Bellingham, Washington taught his 10-year old daughter how to design and cast a pewter ring for herself.

My 10 year old daughter wanted to learn how to make her own metal ring by melting down the metal herself. …The video shows her learning to design and fabricate her own metal ring via sand casting using 3D design software, a 3D printer, scrap pewter, blowtorch, hammer, anvil, vise, drill & various other tools. I provided knowledge and supervision, but she drove the process. Through this process she learns that hazardous materials, such as molten metal, can be safely manipulated using the right equipment and techniques. She wanted to make a video of the process so that other kids could see all of the steps that go into making an everyday item like a ring.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips