Crazy 4 Cult: Say Hi to the Bad Guy, An Art Show Celebrating Cult Film and Television Villains

Constructivist Pugilist Manifest No. 4 by Anthony Petrie (Rocky IV)
Constructivist Pugilist Manifest No. 4” by Anthony Petrie (Rocky IV)

Crazy 4 Cult: Say Hi to the Bad Guy is an upcoming art show at Gallery1988 (West) in Los Angeles that will feature original artwork celebrating famous cult villains from films, television shows, and commercials. The show will open on Friday, October 18, 2013 from 7 – 10 PM PDT and run until Saturday, November 9th.

Over 50 artists have created paintings, prints, sculptures and plush inspired by some of the meanest people ever seen in movies, TV and commercials.

Dead Alive by Jesse Riggle (They Live)
“Dead Alive” by Jesse Riggle (They Live)

We Do Not Train to be Merciful Here by Sam Gilbey (Karate Kid)
We Do Not Train to be Merciful Here” by Sam Gilbey (Karate Kid)

Who You Gonna Call? by Joshua Budich (Ghostbusters)
“Who You Gonna Call?” by Joshua Budich (Ghostbusters)

Crazy 4 Cult Presents Say Hi to the Bad Guy

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