Funny Black Cat Crab Walks Around the Apartment With an Almond In Her Mouth

A funny black cat named Ari hilariously walks like a crab around her human Liz DeSousa‘s apartment while carrying an almond in her mouth.

Ari, the rescued black cat sneaks around her house all day long and is obsessed with tiny almonds.

DeSousa adopted a three month old Ari from the New York branch of Best Friends Animal Society. At first, Ari was a typical kitten doing really typically cute kitten things. After she became comfortable in her new home, Ari’s distinct personality shone through. She then began to crabwalk, fluff herself up, pose, perform parkour, and become best friends with almonds.

She has a really short attention span for most toys, so I gave her an almond to play with and she never got bored of it. She just continuously loved that almond. It’s like the perfect size for playing fetch since it’s like small and smooth. It slides on the floor really fast. She’s had hundreds, thousands, I don’t even know how many. She’ll stuff them places and I never see them again.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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