Coyote Peterson Goes Out Into the Dead of Night In Search of an Elusive Hellgrammite

Coyote Peterson Hellgrammite

While on location in West Virginia, the ever-adventurous Coyote Peterson of Brave Wilderness dragged his crew out to the river in the dead of night in a hopeful quest of locating an elusive hellgrammite. These alien-like larval dobsonflies are more active in the dark, which increased his chances of actually finding one to examine. Luckily, it didn’t take very long, but the hellgrammite was none too happy to be disturbed.

It just latched now if the bite isn’t enough, what they will also do to deter predators is squirt a nasty smelling musk from their rear end and it actually smells just like human feces ..Oh it absolutely stinks. …This is about the most alien looking creature I think
I have ever come across. Like something from ‘Stranger Things’.