Friendly Cow Tries to Kiss Horse Who Doesn’t Like Him

A truly affable mini-cow named Winston regularly gives kisses to the horses of Delmar Farm if their heads are sticking out of the stall, whether they want them or not. Most of the horses don’t seem to mind, but a horse named Trigger particularly objects to Winston’s displays of affection. Their human, Claudia, chalks it up to personality.

It was this dynamic between the two of them that I’ve never seen with any of my other horses where they were both so persistent. …You would think Winston would understand their body language by now but he’s very determined. However there’s a few horses here that have just fallen in love with him.

Winston was given to Delmar at just two months old. He was bottle-fed and didn’t have a herd he could learn from.

He was this little little guy, two months old. He was absolutely terrified. The animals were all looking at him like what is that? …the farm animals definitely accepted him more easily than the horses did but Winston was like absolutely determined to give morning kisses to any horse that had their head sticking out of their stalls.