Cosplay in America, A Book Documenting the Planning, Creation, and Display of Cosplay

Los Angeles-based photographer Ejen Chuang is working to create Cosplay in America, his second book about cosplay. In addition to portraits of cosplayers wearing finished costumes, Chuang will also travel around the country to document the painstaking work behind the costumes and props in order to “to provide an understanding of the cosplay culture here in the United States and a glimpse into the lives of many creative individuals engaged in the creating of costumes and props.” The project is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

This next book will be a collection of behind-the-scenes photographs as well as portraits. We may see cosplayers trek to the hardware store to find the right PVC pipe for a prop. We might watch the search for the proper fabric for a costume. Whether cosplayers are spray painting under the hot sun or hunched over a sewing machine at midnight, I want to document it.


Devin (Houston,TX) from the original book.

Cosplay in America

photos and video via Cosplay in America