Brilliantly Illustrated Cornetto Movie Trilogy Posters: ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’ and ‘The World’s End’

Designer Logan Faerber has brilliantly illustrated a trilogy of posters that match up with the infamous Cornetto Movie Trilogy, which consists of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End. Faerber shared his love for the films and his unique vision for these posters with retailer Mondo Tees.

Reflecting back on the movies, they may very well be my favorite trilogy to date. They’ve grown with me, and each movie in the series seems to have been a bit more mature than the last, both in quality and subject, capturing me just at the right time in my own life. I will always love SHAUN OF THE DEAD since there is so much nostalgia tied to it, but I love each movie so much, it’s hard to choose a favorite. That’s why I tackled all three with a similar style, …As part of my process I also wanted to create a unique look and feel for the trilogy that hasn’t been seen before.

These wonderful posters became available for purchase through Mondo Tees.

Hot Fuzz Logan Faerber Mondo Design

The World's End Logan Faerber

via The Awesomer