An ‘Ask Us Anything’ Interview with Conjoined Twins Carmen and Lupita Andrade

Conjoined twins Carmen Andrade and Lupita Andrade sat down to answer any questions that were posed to them by Jubilee. The twins were very outspoken, particularly Carmen, as they opened up about such topics as their personality, dating, clothing, emotions, work, and daily life in general.

Carmen was particularly open about how she feels about how some people treat them.

I guess the biggest thing is a lot of people like to reduce us down to just body parts when they refer to us. It’s more of a so if one head does one thing what happens to the other head kind of thing instead of like using our names. It’s just more of a dehumanizing thing, if that makes any sense. …We are proud of who we are and who like what our condition is and we won’t and can’t change anything about it. it’s all about just embracing who you are.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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