Cone Crust Pizza, An Ice Cream Cone-Like Crust Offering by Pizza Hut

Cone Crust

Cone Crust Pizza is the latest novelty pizza offering from Pizza Hut Middle East (we posted about their Crown Crust Carnival pizza in the past) and it features a crust that looks like a ring of ice cream cones. Each “parmesan encrusted” cone is stuffed with something savory, like cream cheese, honey mustard coated chicken or honey mustard coated chicken and cream cheese. You can learn more about how fun eating the Cone Crust Pizza is in their advertising video. For dessert, they offer Kit Kat Pops, which look to be Kit Kats wrapped in a cinnamon sugar topped dough.

Reshaping Tasty Fun

Reshape fun with the mixed Cone Crust Pizza!

Up Close

Cone Crust Pizza

Cone Crust Pizza


images via Brand Eating and Pizza Hut Middle East

via Brand Eating, Foodbeast and Gawker