A Catchy Compilation of People Using the Word ‘It’

#IT by Eclectic Method is a really catchy, danceable tune made from a compilation of famous people from television, film, and video who use the word “It” in a variety of different contexts.

People sure do say “IT” a lot so I thought I’d make it a song…

Mow it, Dump it, Use it, Squeeze it
Bite it, Kick it, Drink it, Work it
Load it, Say it, Sign it, Lose it
Find it, Watch it, Watch it, Got it?
Cut it, Have it, Wing it, Bring It, Get it
Make it, Take it, Buy it, mean it
Stop it, Drop it, Do it, Damn it
Think about it, Think about it, Think about it, Got it!
Let’s face it…