Colorful Handmade Coffee Mugs Featuring Etched and Painted Tentacles That Reach Toward the Sky

Tentacle Mugs

Artist and designer Jeffrey Woods of Woodeye Studios has created a beautiful collection of handmade glass mugs featuring colorful etched and painted octopus tentacles reaching toward the sky. These mugs, along with Woods’ line of Tentacle Pint Glasses and other glassware are available through the Woodeye Studios Etsy store.

I recently began making Tentacle Coffee Mugs as well and thought you might like them. As an added bonus I am currently running a Summer Sale and everything is 10-20% off till the end of the month [August 2016]. There is no better way to enjoy your coffee in the morning then with a face full of tentacles!

Orange Yellow

Red Purple

Blue Green

Blue Purple

photos via Woodeye Studios

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips