Colorful Handmade Beverage Glassware Featuring Etched and Painted Tentacles

Embracing Tentacles Pint Glasses
Embracing Tentacles Pint Glass Gift Set

Tucson, Arizona-based artist and designer Jeffrey Woods of Woodeye Studios has created a beautiful collection of colorful handmade beverage glassware that features etched and painted tentacles grabbing the wide range of glasses from below. Pint glasses, double and espresso shot glasses, and cocktail shakers are available to purchase, with various color and text options, from the woodeyeglass Etsy store.

Embracing Tentacles Shot Glasses
Embracing Tentacles Double Shot Glasses

Embracing Tentacles Espresso Shot Glass
Embracing Tentacles Espresso Shot Glass

Tentacle Cocktail Shaker
Embracing Tentacles Cocktail Shaker