Cole and Marmalade Explain How Cats Perceive the Elaborate Trimmings of Christmas

The incredible feline duo of Cole and Marmalade explain how cats perceive the elaborate trimmings of Christmas, including where the tree is placed, what constitutes a present and of course, who gets the the ill-fated turkey.

Mistletoe = Special human catnip! – Christmas tree = Giant, cat tree with additional toys to destroy – New cat bed = I’ll use the box it was packaged in – Wrapping gifts = Kitty play area! …

On a separate note, Chris Poole (their human) sent out an email with some very good news: Marmalade’s cancer is now in remission.

WOO-HOO! … Marmalade’s lymphoma is in complete remission today! :) The abdominal ultrasound showed that the previously mildly enlarged lymph nodes and thickened gastrointestinal tract are resolved…. Happy days!!!


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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