Cold Stone Creamery Partners With ‘Lucky Charms’ For a Limited Edition Marshmallow Cereal Ice Cream

Lucky Charms Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream

In anticipation of Saint Patrick’s Day 2021, the folks at Coldstone Creamery have partnered with Lucky Charms cereal to create a limited edition “Lucky Charms Ice Cream”.

Cold Stone Creamery is delighted to partner with General Mills this month to bring the magic beyond the cereal bowl and introduce this limited-time flavor…Guests of all ages will enjoy the nostalgia of this combination, and it’s sure to bring some luck your way!

The flavor is featured in a couple of special “Lucky Creations”. The first is the “Ice Cream at the End of the Rainbow”, a sundae that features the flavored ice cream, colorful marshmallows, and gold glitter. The “Sprinkled with Charms” shake features the same in a handy, easily portable form.

Introducing our NEW @luckycharms x Cold Stone Ice Cream. Try this Lucky Charms flavored ice cream in a green waffle bowl, End of the Rainbow™ Creation™ or in our Sprinkled with Charms™ shake!

Lucky Charms ice cream will be available through March 31, 2021, at Cold Stone Creamery stores across the United States.

The Lucky Charms™ Ice Cream, Creation™ and Shake will be available in Cold Stone Creamery® stores nationwide until March 31.

Lucky Charms Ice Cream Shake

via Nerdist