Charming Cockatoo Calls All Women Barbara in Honor of His Beloved Human Grandmother

A charming umbrella cockatoo named Chris, who is a star in his own right, has taken to calling all women Barbara after falling in love with his elderly human grandmother. Chris and his human Alison went to live with Alison’s mother to help her with some health issues. Chris was immediately besotted.

I’m at the moment at my mother’s house, which is his grandmother Barbara’s house. We came up here to help her with her health issues. Chris has been in love with her since the moment he met her – like an obsession with her.

Chris has also been helping Barbara with her rehabilitation.

He heard everybody calling her the name Barbara and then he started just calling all women Barbara. She would say that it drives her crazy because she’s always having to pick up his toys but I think it’s actually good for her to keep moving.

Here’s Chris featured in two ads for Saks Off Fifth.