Thirsty Street Art Murals Shimmy Up City Buildings to Pursue Their Goal of a Refreshing Coca Cola

Mural Coca Cola Ad

In an absolutely wonderful ad, three thirsty street art murals came to life, stealthily shimmied up and around buildings of Buenos Aires, Argentina, hitched unlikely rides until they reached their goal – a billboard featuring three bottles of Coca-Cola. Each character grabbed a drink of their choice and settled in at the top of a refreshing water tower to enjoy. Entitled “Mural” the ad was created by Hal Curtis and Erik Fahrenkpoft of Weiden Kennedy Portland. The street art was designed by Golden Wolf and Psyop (previously). The spot was directed by Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick. Artist Paul Cayrol who did a great deal of illustration work on the project, shared his thoughts behind the characters.

The resulting characters draw inspiration from different graffiti techniques; Octopus Shawn is a brush-painted piece, Jessica the Cloud a spray-painted throw-up & Desmond a wheat-pasted poster. …my characters placed in their natural urban habitat, on their quest for a delicious bottle of Coca-Cola…

Mural Gif

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An early concept of a character.

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