A Sleekly Sophisticated Shiny Silver Liquor Cabinet Made From an RAF MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb

Bomb Liquor Cabinet Opened

The artisans of Plane Industries who craft incredible chairs made out of cowling from such retired planes as the Boeing 737 and the British Airways e146, has also built a gorgeous liquor cabinet out of an inert Royal Air Force MK1 Practice Cluster Bomb from the 1970s. The exterior is made of shiny stainless steel, which opens to reveal a sophisticated lighted walnut, gold-plated and glass interior.

Behind the gleaming 1970s missile fuselage, three glass shelves revolve around a gold-plated spindle; while in the base, a sliding platform built from lacquered American walnut conceals an armoury of custom-made cocktail utensils.

Bomb RAF Liquor Cabinet Plane Industries

Bomb Liquor Cabinet

Bomb Liquor Cabinet Top Down

Bomb Cabinet Interior

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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