An Ultra Modern Enclosed Chair Made Out of a Jet Engine Cowling From a British Aerospace e146

BAe 146 Cowling Chair Living Room

The artisans of Plane Industries, formerly known as Fallen Furniture, have created a stunning, ultra-modern enclosed chair made from the “cowling cover of one of the four turbofan engines” from a British Aerospace e146 monoplane aka the “Whisperjet”. Only a few of this particular model was manufactured before it was entirely retired in 2002.

Created using the engine cowling of a BAe 146 jet aircraft this unique chair spins weightlessly on its highly polished aluminum base. The high gloss shell and dark Alcantara interior frame the mirror polished cowling opulently. This unique and impressive piece would form the centerpiece of any room.

This amazing chair is smaller than Plane Industries’ Boeing 737 Aircraft chair, but still incorporates the very creative design of the original.

BAe 146 Cowling Chair

BAe 146 Cowling Chair

BAe 146 Cowling Chair Window

BAe 146 Cowling Chair Room

BAe 146 Cowling Chair Sofa

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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