Climber Captures Video of Terrifying 100 Foot Fall Down a Frozen Gully With Head-Mounted Camera

Climber Mark Roberts fell while scaling Parsley Fern Gully and captured the entire terrifying experience on his head-mounted camera. Though airlifted to the hospital with ankle injuries, the BBC reports that he was not seriously hurt.

Once both axes were gone, it was arms, hands, legs and feet in the less consolidated snow on the slope to try and slow my speed. Fortunately I slid into a rocky outcrop on my left with a bit of a thump, which took some of the momentum out of my decent, resulting in a bit of a spin, but I could still look for opportunities below for a point to stop. It finished with a drop onto a bit of a ledge or hole where my pack and crampons took enough hold to stop me.

via British Mountaineering CouncilBBC, Most Watched Today